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Since july 2007 Pezzorgna Armando s.r.l(PA),located near Mantua in ltaly, has been working on a contract from one of its best ltalian customers to plan, deliver and install its first fully automatic storage system for extrusion dies. The ‘Die-O-Matic-3000’ die storage system developed by PA is a classical, high-rise rack storage system with a rack-serving unit for 3,000 extrusion dies ,which can even be extended later on with modules, using the same recovery unit,for up to 6,500 storage places for extrusion dies. The storage system was delivered in May.

Pezzorgna Armando s.r.l,简称PA公司,位于意大利风景秀丽的曼托瓦。2007年为第一个意大利客户设计、制造和安装了第一套挤压模具系统。“O-MATIC-3000”是由PA公司开发的典型的高架挤压模具存储系统,可存放3000套挤压模具,并可扩展到6500套。此系统已于2007年5月发货。



“O-MATIC” 模具存储系统

The currently available 3,000 dies are used on two extrusion presses (16 MN and 27 MN ). The dies are automatically stored in and recovered from the high-rise rack store, using a chaotic store-placement system computer controlled to optimize available storage space. With a height of 9 m , a width of 4.60 m and a length of 15 m, the high-rise store is comparatively compact for its size. The dies, stored in flat layers,have maximum diameter 300 mm, maximum depth 200 mm and maximum individual weight 220 kg.

现有的3000套模具系统用于有两个挤压机(16 MN and 27 MN)的工厂。采用随机存放-位移系统,计算机优化存储空间,实现模具于高架仓库中的自动存入和取出。仓库高9米,宽4.6米, 长15米,非常节省空间。模具存放于一个矩形的空间,可存放直径最大为300mm,厚度为200mm的模具,最大模具重量为220公斤。

The PA system can also be designed at any time for larger and heavier dies, and is moreover suitable for much larger item numbers. At present another automatic storage system for up to 20,000 dies is PA’s order books for delivery in May 2008.


The cycle time for the recovery (or placement in store)of an extrusion die by the recovery unit is less than one minute. This ensures high plant availability, with around 60 double working operations per hour and short store placement and recovery times, achieved by travel speeds up to 40 m/min along the Y-axis,30m/minalong the X-axis and, with combined travel of the rack-serving unit, up to 20m/min.All drives are frequency-regulated and the entire plant is equipped with highquality components and controlled by a Siemens Simatic S7 SPS system.

模具的拾取时间(或在仓库内的位移时间)小于一分钟。为保证仓库的运行性能, Y轴运行速度40米/分,X轴运行速度30米/分,和上/下的运行速度20米/分,实现一个小时内的60个双运行和短程移动和拾取。所有的驱动由变频器调节,采用西门子的S7 SPS 系统控制。

The delivery by PA includes not only the frame and support structure of the high-rise rack store, the rack serving unit and the recovery/placement device, but also the full range of software and programming for all the plant’s cycles and automatic operations.


The control system enables the storage and recall of the following individual cycles and parameters:


● individual die number for esch extrusion die, with all its historical data,


● classification category (flat,chamber,etc,) of each extrusion die,


● brief designation of the die and its use,


● die status: ready for use, being etched, in use on a press, before or after nitriding, due for correction,etc.,


● customer article number (for the associated section),


● name of the customer for whom the die was designed,


● date when the die was last used, and tonnage extruded.


● date when the die was made,


● press allocation for each die (including multiple fitting),


● linear section weight and number of apertures,


● diameter and thickness of the die,


● die weight ,


● supplier of the extrusion die in each case.



Further data, which may be important and appropriate depending on the customer’s needs, can also be recorded. The databank-based analysis and evaluation of the statistical data, times of use, number of times used,etc.,can be displayed at any moment. The die databank can also be linked to DXF-or DWG-data from Autocad or other CAD/CAM systems.

根据每个客户的具体需求,可以增加更多的数据。模具数据库分析、统计数据评估、使用时间的长短,、使用次数等数据,可随时显示出来。模具数据库可以与DXF,DWG, CAD/CAM系统相连,与可与AUTOCAD 系统相连。

The main advantages of automated die storage systems are:


●  Improved storage conditions the dies are stored cleanly and in clearly assigned positions, which improves availability by eliminating search times.

改善存储条件下- 模具干净存放,并配有清楚的位置, 减少了寻找时间。

● Greater die availability compared with manual storage systems; no maintenance of floor-level trans porters is needed, and personnel costs are saved.


●  Back-tracing of the die’s use, since all its historical movement data are on record; this makes the life cycle of each die trnsparent.


●  Compared with conventional storage system with manual placement or recovery, less space is occupied.


●  Substantially reduced risk of accidents, due to the elimination of manual die handling, especially in the case of heavy dies.


●  Substantial rationalisation effect thanks to automated sequences, leading to a saving of personnel costs.


At present the die article number is still recorded manually but PA is already working on a barcode- based automatic system. The use of corresponding scanners is reliable and speeds up the recording when the dies are put into store or recovered, so eliminating the risk of erroneous recording or erroneous registration in the database.


The automatic extrusion die storage system can be set up either indoors, or in the open (isolated). With its own servicing and customer care facilities, PA also ensure that in Germany too, customers benefit from comprehensive availability and support for such highly complex systems, and therefore maximum utility of the automatic die storage system.





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